We offer the latest, most advanced 3D printing technology.

We can 3d print and manufacture parts in a variety of plastics, metals and composite materials.

3D Printing - Manufacturing the Future

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We aim to provide ‘same-day’ quotes for jobs using our professional machines

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We offer instant quoting and oline ordering for most FDM (ABS) jobs.

Expand the options below to explore our various 3d printing and manufacturing services.

Selective Laser Sintering produces parts that are strong and very durable. These parts are especially great for functional testing.

Stereolithography produces very accurate parts with a great finish. These parts are perfect for fit-testing and final design visualisation.

ColourJet (previously Z-Print) parts are made of a composite powder reinforced with a binding fluid. These parts are accurate, easy to sand and can be produced in full colour. ColourJet printing is great for terrain models, architectural models and sculptures.

Fused Deposition Modelling produces strong and affordable parts in ABS plastic. FDM is great for students, initial test designs and low cost projects.

We can print in multiple materials including rubber with our MultiJet (MJP) printer. Additionally, we offer CNC parts and tooling.