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3D File Repair

An essential part of any 3d printing project is high quality 3d files. Often, 3d files exported from CAD packages can have hidden errors that will cause 3d prints to fail or be printed wrongly. We have the right tools and experience to repair most 3d files, no matter the condition.

3D Design Modification

We can make changes to existing 3d designs. Adding features, removing features, changing dimensions or making structural changes like hollowing solids are all tasks we can perform for you.


If you have developed an idea as far as a 2d sketch, we can help you bring it to life in 3d. If you have accurate, drawings and dimensions, we can create a 3d fileĀ for you to use yourself or have it 3d printed by us.

3D Sculpting and Rendering

Our 3d sculpting services can be used to modify existing 3d files such as 3d scans or freeform models as you desire. 3d rendering can be used to provide photo-realistic representations of your 3d models – great for product design and architecture.

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