See it in action: MultiJet 3D Printing

Our MJP Services

We are able to offer the most advanced MultiJet 3d printing (MJP) services in Brisbane.

MJP technology offers the highest Z-direction resolution with layer thicknesses as low as 16 microns. Parts have smooth finish and can achieve very high overall accuracy. Recent material advances have improved the durability of MJP parts which are are now suitable for some end-use applications.

The MJP Process

MJP or MultiJet Printing is an inkjet-based additive manufacturing process that uses piezo printhead technology to build parts one microsocopic layer at a time in either photocurable plastic resin or casting wax materials. MJP is used to build parts, patterns and molds with fine feature details suitable for a wide range of applications. Removing the special support material is an almost hands-free operation which allows even the details and complex internal cavities to be clearly and accurately reproduced. See the video above for a full explanation.

Materials available for MultiJet Printing are:

  • VisiJet® Elastomeric Black
  • VisiJet® Elastomeric Natural
  • VisiJet® Black Rubber-like 
  • VisiJet® Clear Polycarbonate-like
  • VisiJet® Rigid White ABS-like

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