See it in action: FDM 3D Printing

Our FDM 3D Printing Services

FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) is a pioneer of consumer 3d printing technology. We are an affordable provider of FDM 3D printing services in Brisbane.

Parts made using the FDM process are the most affordable way to prototype and visualise your design concepts before moving further down the design chain. FDM’s low price and good part strength makes it the perfect choice for design iteration testing, basic fit testing and proof of concept applications.

The FDM Process

FDM was a commercial-only technology until patents expired, when the open source community took over and evolved FDM into an affordable technology accessible by anyone. The FDM process involves melting and ABS plastic filament and extruding it through a fine nozzle onto a platform. This melted ABS is accurately laid out layer by layer to gradually build a solid 3d part.

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Our FDM machine can print in black or white ABS plastic.

Other colours are available on request.

Because FDM is a budget-friendly process, we do not offer any finishing options, however, you can easily sand, prime and paint FDM parts to get a great looking end product.

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